How many fries do I need to eat to have hair?

Word on the street is that McDonald's fries might be able to cure baldness. Now as a proud bald man now for the better part of 8 years, I'm at least curious. Now I know that I could eat a billion fries and not get a single new hair on my head. That being said I am still willing to try. On a list of things I would try to get my hair back, eating fries is a long, long, way down. Top five things I would be willing to give a try to get my locks back.

1. Fire walk

2. Chainsaw juggling

3. Blindfolded tattooing

4. Giving up the internet

5.  Yoga

63. Eating French Fries.

McDonald's Fries

I feel like it is my "journalistic" responsibility to at least try this out for at least a couple of days..   

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