Minnesota Named One Of The Best States For Beer Drinkers

Like beer? If you live in Minnesota, you're in the right place! According to a new study from Groupon, Minnesota was named the 8th best city for beer drinkers. Although, considering Wisconsin was named #14, we're not entirely sure this is accurate.

Check out the full map below!


Now if you're wondering how they figured this out exactly, according to Groupon:

To figure theĀ Best State for Beer Lovers, we here at Groupon Coupons looked at reams of publicly available data and proprietary Groupon data. From there, we calculated three metrics: the average score of the 5 best-tasting beers made in that state (quality), the average cost of a 12oz. beer in each state (affordability), and the number of beer-related Groupons sold in that state per 1,000 people (enthusiasm).


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