Samurai & Jetpacks? Where do I sign up?

I remember watching shows like the Jetsons, Batman and many more that made the jetpack look like it would be so easy. Lets just strap a can of gas and press a button and fly away. It seemed so easy. In reality that was probably a recipe for burning your own legs off. 

Now as techology has advanced we've been getting closer to making this type of flight a reality! And now more than ever I'm optimistic. These guys are dressed up and having a sword fight. They're not worried about crashing. THEY BROUGHT SHARP OBJECTS WITH THEM! How confident do you have to be to bring a sword with you while wearing a jetpack?!?

All I'm saying is that now more than ever this looks like something I'll be able to do in my lifetime in some resort town as long as I give them fifty bucks and sign my life away. This is rad.

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