Tom Petty Songs Perfect For Valentine's Day

Last year, we lost a legend when Tom Petty passed away, however his legacy lives on in his music. 

The rocker sang about many things, but one common theme in his songs was love. To help make your Valentine's Day all the more romantic, here are some Tom Petty songs perfect for the love filled holiday. 

"You and Me"

One of Petty's sweetest songs, "You and Me" is a straightforward love song about being with someone through the highs and lows of a relationship, but he presents it in an incredibly poetic way with lyrics like, "Wherever that wind might blow, wherever that river rolls, you know I will go with you, just you and me and the road ahead." 

"Alright For Now"

This lullaby is about how important a loved one is and features moving lyricvs like, "I'd be lost and lonely if not for you," and "I could not repay all you've done for me."

"Honey Bee"

Some people prefer to cut right to the chance and forget about romance. If that's you, Tom's "Honey Bee" is the song for you this V-Day. 

You know any track that starts with the lyrics "Come on now, give me some sugar, give me some sugar, little honey bee. Don't be afraid, not gonna hurt you, I wouldn't hurt my little honey bee," is gonna be good. Pair those words with the gritty rock melody and you'll have a memorable day playing it for sure. 

"Angel Dream"

The soft acoustic guitar mixed with Tom's gentle voice make "Angel Dream" a sweet song to play on Valentine's Day, especially if you're in love with someone who you found while you were in a dark place and really needed some love.  

"You Got Lucky" 

If you're the kind of person who likes to remind your loved one how lucky they are because they have you in their life, Tom has a song for you. "You Got Lucky" is the anthem for anyone in a relationship who is sure their partner won't ever do any better than them and wants their significant other to know it. 

"Waiting For Tonight"

If you're hoping to rekindle with a lost love, playing "Waiting For Tonight" just might do the trick. With lyrics like, "Oh I've been waiting 'round for a night like this, yeah I felt it coming down since her first kiss," and backing vocals by The Bangles, the track has the power to win over any former flame. 

"A Face In The Crowd"

Before you fall in love with someone, they are a stranger, just a face in the crowd. It's the theme this song, in which Tom romantically describes someone who came "out of a dream, out of the sky, into my heart, into my life."

"You Wreck Me"

The entire song is about the huge effect a loved one can have on someone, and while it can be rough, it still means something. 

"Accused of Love"

There is a kind of love so strong that it's probably illegal, and those who feel it might be, as Tom sings in this song, "accused of love." In the tune he talks about a couple standing trial for how much they love each other, but it doesn't matter because they'll forever stand accused of love.

"Here Comes My Girl"

We've all been in love with someone during a rough time in our lives when just having that person near makes us feel better. Well Tom sings about that kind of love in "Here Comes My Girl" with the words "she puts her arms around me, I can, somehow, rise above it." 

It's also a song about someone so irresistible that even if the relationship is tough you just can't stay away from that person. And when they say, "We gonna last forever," you "can't begin to doubt it, no, because this feels so good and so free and so right, I know we ain't never goin' change our minds about it."

"Built To Last"

Some relationships can overcome anything, and that type of love is just what Tom describes in "Built To Last." In the song, he croons, "We were built to last, on until forever, the world is changing fast, but our love was built to last."

Make your Valentine's Day something to remember by having Tom Petty be a part of it. 

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